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A Symphony Of Justice

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*Capo ngăn 3 [C]When I was a child I had [G/B]nobody in this world [F]I was left alone, Just a [G]sweet little quiet [C]girl [C]When I tried to speak Words I [G/B]wanted to say were gone [F]"Someone take me soon I've been [G]waiting for far too [C]long" Years went [F]by and [G]still no one [C]came Then one [F]day [G]everything in my life [C]changed I was [Dm]home and I [G]learned to play the [C]chords true and [Am]strong [F]Now I have [G]found where I be[Am]long Find your [F]strength in the [G]music ringing [C]out to set the [Am]stage Fly on [F]wings of [G]celerity, swift and [C]true Perser[F]vere through the [G]battle though you [C]may be wearing [Am]thin Summo[F]ner, know that [G]I believe in [Am]you *lặp lại đến hết bài I will keep you safe, feel my symphony all around Listen to my hymn and our victory will resound From my mind to yours, we will win this before to long A sublime duet is resonating through my song We must fight for that in which we believe As the harmonies interweave Into one bright crescendo in the dance we call life Carving our will to end the strife And the stars play a melody that echoes through and through Can you hear all the songs that Runeterra sings?? We will find our enlightenment inside the serenade Place your trust in the Maven of the Strings Find your strength in the music ringing out to set the stage Fly on wings of celerity, swift and true Perservere through the battle though you may be wearing thin Summoner, know that I believe in you

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