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INTRO: [D] [E] [D] [E] [A]Don't stray Don't [C#m]ever go away I [D]should be much too smart for this You [Dm]know it gets the better of me [A]Sometimes When [C#m]you and I collide I [D]fall into an ocean of you Pull [Dm]me out in time Don't let me [F#m]drown Let me [C#m]down I say it's [D]all because of you [E] And [A]here I go [C#m]Losing my control I'm [D]practicing your name So I can [Dm]say it to your face It doesn't [A]seem right To [C#m]look you in the eye Let [D]all the things you mean to me Come [Dm]tumbling out my mouth Indeed [F#m]it's time Tell you [C#m]why I say [D]it's infinitely [E7]true [A]Say [E]you'll stay Don't come and [F#m] go Like you [E7]do [A]Sway [E]my way Yeah I [F#m]need to know All [E7]about you And [A]there's no cure [C#m]And no way to be sure [D]Why everything's turned inside out [Dm]Instilling so much doubt It makes [A]me so tired I [C#m]feel so uninspired My [D]head is battling with my heart My [Dm]logic has been torn apart And [F#m]now It all turns [C#m]sour Come [D]sweeten every [E7]afternoon [A]Say you'll [E]stay Don't [F#m]come and go Like you [E7]do [A]Sway [E]my way Yeah I [F#m]need to know All about [E7]you

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